Fire-resistant aluminum fixed glass wall compliant with the UNI EN 1634-1, called “VITREX-F3”.

FRAME made of tubular steel 20/10.

Covering profiles in extruded coplanar aluminum, alloy UNI 6060, adequately drawn and mechanically fixed to the structure and completed by
self-expanding perimeter hot smoke seals.

Fire-proof calcium-silicate and sulfate- based materials, inserted in the loading and covering profile.

  • WINDOW WIDTH: 104 mm.
  • FIRE-PROOF GLASS: supplied without being assembled, made of extra-clear sheets with the insertion of intumescent material.
  • FINISHING: as standard, silver anodized. Upon request, RAL coating with thermohardening powders.
  • For “Z” and “T” frame application, upon request, a 27-mm profile is supplied.
  • ASSEMBLING: with nogs or on steel precast 60 x15 x 2 (to be ordered separately).
  • APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: 95/102 Kg/mq.