Fire-resistant lock with insulated steel structure, homologated and compliant with the UNI EN 1634-1, called “VITREX-F6”, made of:

FRAME in steel profiled tubular, with jamb wing, gauge 18/10, electrically welded corners, with the insertion of isolating calcium silicates-based sheets.

It is finished with hot smokes auto-expanding perimeter seals and cold smoke jamb seals, in the appropriate locations. The coupling of the three different sections (T, Z, and L) of the framed profiles allows different assembling configurations.

SHUTTER made of T or Z profiles (frame-coplanar) chosen according to the glass closer position, which can be assembled from the pushing side (or pulling the shutter); central beam located one meter above the floor.

FIRE-PROOF GLASS: supplied without being assembled, made of extra-clear sheets with the insertion of intumescent material.

HINGES: 2 with three adjustable wings, fixed to shutter and frame, with threaded pivots and inserts.

The grains unblocking allows the adjustment of the light play between frame and shutter in its width and height (third central hinge for H.V.M.> di 2500 mm. / L.V.M. > 1300 mm.).

GUARDS: two for each shutter.

FIRE-PROOF LOCK: it comes with a three-key cylinder.

FIRE-PROOF SAFETY GRIP: stainless steel, 1000 mm above the floor.

JAMB SEAL: cold smoke, auto-expanding perimetrally.

DOOR CLOSER: with silver sliding arm for the shutter self-closing.

SHUTTER AND FRAME: painted as standard

RAL 7035 “Grinz” multi Teflon.

ASSEMBLING: with nogs or on steel precast

40x15x2 (to be ordered separately).